Nest Monitoring

  Monitoring Objectives
Increasing Abundance and Diversity is a REWHC goal, stated in our Wildlife Management Plan. To achieve this goal, we promote conditions for biodiversity by introducing nesting cavities targeted for native species. We have been performing Nest Monitoring yearly since April 2000. To prevent agressive, invasive species from dominating available housing, we monitor our nestboxes weekly, interrupting the breeding of these species through nest removal. A long range goal is the return of the Bluebird to Aquidneck Island. Local naturalists have blamed nestsite competition as the cause of their absence. By recording the results and productivity of our monitoring efforts, we can better control invasive species and create conditions where the Bluebird may return. Stay Tuned!

Monitoring Methods
Making use of a volunteer monitoring team of 6-12 employees, we identify and control nestbox occupants. A Monitoring Guide, available for download along with Training Materials are used in annual nestbox monitor training. The Info-Files, below, are used to jump-start our knowledge of Birds and the use of field guides is suggested. We assign our nest monitors to a schedule and provide them a map of nestbox locations. As monitors, we fill out a data form per visit and follow directions in entering the resulting data onto our website. We periodically compile reports based on the collected data and make them available online.

Check out the bird info-file to find out more about these species before you begin. The prepared Training Materials are also helpful in identifying likely species.

Database Entry
The database used for Nest Boxes is of flatfile type with data entry similar in format to the data form. An account is needed to enter information in the database. Only a survey chairperson has the ability to modify or delete forms once they've been added. For an account, send me an e-mail at and access the database here. The database is currently ready for use. The database uses the same username/password set in the bulletin board program. Passwords are synchronized daily, so a delay may be present between changing your bulletin board password and that password proliferating for access to the database.

Database Reporting
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Bird Info-File

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Download Past Reports:
2004 Season Results
(PDF: 359KB)

2003 Season Results
(PDF: 263KB)

2002 Season Results
(PDF: 228KB)

2001 Season Results
(PDF: 160KB)
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